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Our Support

Bharti Mistry – Our Yoga Teacher, has been a continuous inspiration to Yogasya. Yogasya remains thankful to her for the help she has extended to us from time to time both during development of the products and their promotion.
Bharti Mistry Bharti Mistry
+91 98795 35950

Bharti Mistry runs Yoga Institute in Ahmedabad. She is also actively associated with Yog Saadhan Kendra (One of the Oldest Yoga Institute in Ahmedbad). More than 20 years of her experience in Yoga, consists of proficiency in many dimensions and disciplines of Yoga. Primary area of her interest & expertise is Hatha Yoga, Theraputic Yoga, Vinyasa etc.
Bhakti Shah – A well established name in Yoga training in the city of Ahmedabad, has been a great support to Yogasya. Yogasya remains thankful to her for all the help she has extended to Yogasya for preparing product usage visuals.
Bhakti Shah Bhakti Shah

Bhakti Shah runs a Yoga Studio in Ahmedabad by the name of Bhakti’s Yoga. She is a certified Yoga Therapist. Bhakti has always been passionate towards Yoga. She has been practising Yoga for over 25 years and has been delivering training for over 10 years. Her training programs include Hath Yoga, Meditation, Pranayams etc. She has been highly successful as she has developed her own technique in mixing Asanas and stretches, keeping the body more flexible and utilizing energy in a more useful way.

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