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When an individual dies completely the death of his own egoism and of the belief that his individuality is separate from others, he attains the stature of Yogi and than he can say “Because I no longer AM, I am everybody, I am everything…”
~ Source: Bhagavad Gita

There are two guides to tell us how much water to drink – thirst and the color of the urine. If we depend only on thirst, we may get just enough water, but just enough is not good enough; a little more is better. The color of urine can guide us towards that. If we drink enough water to ensure that urine is essentially colorless rather than yellow, that water intake is more than ‘just enough’, and that is desirable.

Source of Vitamin C
Indian gooseberry (Amla) and fresh citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, are well-known as good sources of Vitamin C. But most people are surprised to know that peas and papaya are among the richest sources of Vitamin C

It is not advisable to go in for crash diets, fad diets or total exclusion of ‘fattening foods’. In fact there are no fattening or slimming foods. If the energy intake exceeds the expenditure, any diet, no matter what is includes or what it excludes, will lead to weight gain.

It's not JUST about taking various postures gracefully...
It's not JUST about effective breathing exercise....
It's about how you treat people around you...
It's about the way you do your work...
It's about redefining your attitude towards life...
It's about how you behave with others...
It's about reconstructing your life for better...
It's about bringing constructive alterations Within...
It's about sublimating the OUTER YOU and the INNER YOU...
It's LESS about revitalizing the PHYSICAL YOU but MORE about the METAPHYSICAL YOU...
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